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  • BBN Newsletter Advert
  • Online BBN Website Advertising


Terms & Conditions:

Debit order to run monthly in advance for the duration of this agreement. Cancellation will only be acknowledged if  30days notice is given in writing. If fees are rejected, you will still be held liable for the outstanding fees and bank charges. Re-joining will be required if not rectified within the 14day window period. First month’s payment can be done by EFT or cash and thereafter debit order will run from the following month. Designing of adverts to be charged an additional fee of R150 per advert. Pro-Rata rates apply. T&C Apply

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Networking Meetings

The BBN Business Networking Meetings has something for every business professional. Get the opportunity to market your organization and tap into a network of knowledge and experience.  Attendees are encouraged to bring  their business cards to efectively network and share their business.

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Check our Events page for the next Networking Meetings!


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The BBN Business Expo serves as a dynamic new concept to help you to Connect, Learn, and Network with the people and resources who can positively impact your business growth.

c4707ac60db826d421dcf5472ffb1d93.jpgExhibiting not only allows you to connect with your current customers and generate brand awareness, but offers a great opportunity to debut new products/services.

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BBN Business Network Membership

When you become a BBN Business Network Member you tap into a support network that helps you feel connected, informed and ready to thrive in your business. You’re no longer alone. As a member you network with like-minded companies and business indivduals. Membership is open to all organizations, regardless of size, location or experience in responsible business.

We do not limit industries.

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