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Community Projects

BBN Community Projects

We strongly believe that a business must touch the community in many ways beyond just selling them something.

For years we have been involved in community service.

There have been many charity events and public service events where the talented people of our company have volunteered their time.

We have also encourage our Members to assist with donations or there time at time to various NPO

That is why our Our motto is “Grow your own town”

Why do BBN support NON-Profit Organizations for FREE

BBN Business Network wants to help support people in the world who are doing good things.

This is our way of giving back to the communities of our beautiful country and its people.

We believe that if we want to make a difference in this country it starts with us.

We encourage All non - profits to share information about their organizations openly and completely.

And no matter what their focus, non - profits touch almost everyone's life nearly every day.

All registered NPO’s will be listed FREE of charge on our directory and will be supported where necessary in articles and exposure.

For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    


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Networking with a Twist

The BBN Business Networking Meetings  has something for every business owner and professional. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with range of small businesses, market your organization and tap into a network of entrepreneurs, service providers, financial organizations, & business coaches and much more.

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BBN Business Network Membership

When you become a BBN Business Network Member you tap into a support network that helps you feel connected, informed and ready to thrive in your business. You’re no longer alone. As a member you network with like-minded companies and business indivduals. Membership is open to all organizations, regardless of size, location or experience in responsible business. We do not limit industries.

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