There is no better way to gain business than a face to face connection. But, in this busy world that we all live in, that's often easier said than done.

As always, BBN Business Networking is ahead of the curve. We are giving you the offline experience of networking, ONLINE!

More than ever we need to dig in and support each other, not just for business but also on a personal level.

If you are already a BBN Member, then this is already covered under your current membership!

We run Online meetings on different days between Monday-Friday. They are regional and also national and as a member, you can attend as many or as few as you like!

The energy, enthusiasm and excitement is happening within the online communities and virtual networking meetings.

We have committed Agents whose entire focus is to make BBN Online Meetings a productive environment to meet new contacts, friends, find leads and do real business!

Each and every week there will be set activities happening that we will actively encourage you to be a part of.

Activities that will expedite the MEET, LIKE, KNOW, TRUST  and SUPPORT ethos NEEDED in order to do business.

If you are already a BBN Member, then today is your lucky day as you get access for FREE TO ALL MEETING!

Not a BBN Member? Don't worry, your first networking meeting is FREE, Second time round just R50pp then thereafter it's R100pp.

You can join today and begin networking immediately!


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