Networking is a powerful and a fundamental tool!

But how do you effectively make it meaningful?

– it’s easier than what you may think...

BBN Business Network (BBN) is a professional Business Networking Company providing networking and social media marketing benefits. We offer a relaxed, professional networking environment where members and non-members feel at ease to represent themselves, and their businesses with maximum exposure. All business or professions are welcome because we do not limit industries.

BBN believes Business Networking should be more than just showing up to networking events, shaking a lot of hands and collecting a bunch of business cards. You have to share your business with such passions, so that they don’t resist telling others about your business.

Our Networkers meet regularly for the following purposes:

  • Build meaningful and powerful connections with like-minded business professionals.
  • Explore and develop genuine opportunities for collaboration.
  • Promote excellence and best practice in business.
  • Be an advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship.

We offer more than just regular meetings – our packages are extremely affordable and unique, it is designed to help our members grow their business through our BBN Business Network membership.



Our Mission

To create and promote meaningful connections within the BBN Business Community.

Our Commitment

We are committed to making a positive and sustainable impact on the BBN Business Community.

Our Values

We will be open and genuine in our interaction with the Community,


We will hold ourselves to the highest level of sincerity and honesty.


We will act with clarity and openness.


We will embrace quality and best practice in everything we do.


We will continually strive to be better each day.

Our Aim

To provide open and relaxed networking opportunities to ALL Business in the Community.

Our Goal

Connecting like-minded business people together.