As a leader, one of your most important qualities is your emotional intelligence or EQ. Emotional intelligence refers to your capacity to handle internal and external emotions. If you have a high EQ, you’re able to recognize your own emotions and keep them under control. You’re also able to recognize the emotions of others and respond to those emotions in a healthier, more productive way.

While #hashtags are far from being new, they still remain a mystery to many people out there – and using them correctly seems to be a challenge for many as well. Hashtags were first introduced by Twitter back in 2007. Chris Messina is credited with coming up with the idea. Since then, the idea has grown exponentially and is now used across most social media platforms.

So lets briefly go over some of the ins and outs of hashtags – what they are, a couple of guidelines to using them, and what platforms they work best on.

One of the fastest ways to find new customers and partners for your business is to start networking. But to make networking pay off you need to know what to say when the conversation turns to”…. and what do YOU do (for a living)?”

When this question comes up, you have only a small amount of time to communicate who you are and what you do (in order to grab the other person’s attention and generate a positive response).

Are you often distracted from what you’re doing or just not present to who you’re with?

Let’s face it, in our over-wired world, most of us feel pressure to get more done, with less, faster… all while digital distractions compete relentlessly for our attention. Left unchecked, the 24/7 pace and pressures of our lives can leave us moving through our days mindlessly on autopilot, missing out on being present to ourselves and to life itself.