Perfect jobs that provide meaning and satisfaction 24/7 might well be illusory. Even dream jobs can become dreary or stressful or appear to lack meaning, and happiness, as a result, becomes elusive.

So how can you find meaning in your job and work happily on a consistent basis?

We all know that having good self-esteem is a key part of happiness. If we don’t believe in ourselves how will we ever achieve our goals or feel grateful for the things we have? There is plenty of information about self-esteem in relationships, friendships and everyday life but just how important is it in the workplace?

Your resume is your first impression with an employer, so it better be a good one. Recruiters are trained to scan your resume in a matter of seconds looking for any potential red flags before they decide to put you in the “yes”, “no”, or “maybe” file.In order to make sure they are sending the very best candidates through the application process, they have to make sure they can quickly spot unsuitable candidates.

So, what are these red flags and how can you avoid them?

Want to communicate more effectively? Then you need to ask more questions. Not just any questions will do; to be really successful, you need to ask the most basic, fundamental questions possible-in fact, the dumbest questions you can think of.

Why? Good question.